photo by Andrew Kearns

Clean Mill Valley Recognized!

Clean Mill Valley volunteers and adopters were acknowledged by the Mill Valley City Council with a proclamation on Monday, October 1st. In part it read:

Proclamation of the Mill Valley City Council
Celebrating and Recognizing the Dedication of
the Members of Clean Mill Valley for
Creating Public Awareness about Litter and
Their Many Hours of Volunteer Work
to Keep Mill Valley Clean and Litter-Free.

In addition, Maureen Parton, Aide to Supervisor Kate Sears, also acknowledged our work with Clean Marin and our leadership in ridding our communities of litter. Thank you, Maureen, one of our hardest working and consistent supporters. She also noted the work of Mary Osborn, the artist who has created Spot the Dog as well as Clean Mill Valley’s other litter graphics. Look for the banners in the Plaza downtown (see picture).

Spot the Dog (all six feet of him) did attend the city council meeting to bring attention to our Adopt a Spot program. We will bring Spot to events, particularly schools. He was the brainstorm of Maureen Parton and we thank her for that.  

Clean Mill Valley continues to clean the Park and Ride Lot off Seminary Drive (West) and we are waiting for CalTrans to erect a sign that displays that we are the adopters. Be on the lookout. 

Jill Young and Joan Murray tidied up downtown by removing litter to welcome the Mill Valley Film Festival. So many of you are working in your communities and removing litter close to home. Peggy Katcher has continued her passion by continuing to clean the entrance to Mill Valley at Tower and East Blithedale. She is the poppy lady who introduced and tends those brilliant orange flowers.

Karen Croy, a third grade teacher at Tamalpais Valley School, encourages her students to bring a piece of litter to class each morning. She is concerned about the environment and is teaching them to care about it too. A primary resolution to litter is to get to the source. Teaching children the impact of trash will have a significant impact. Thank you to everyone who continue to keep a little patch of our world litter-free!

2019 Volunteer Day

Saturday, April 27th

Clean Mill Valley will once again be participating in the sixth annual Volunteer Day in 2019.

Save Saturday, April 27th, on your calendar and plan to join us at the Plaza with 35 other non-profits in town. Clean Mill Valley Co-Director Joan Murray will be working with volunteer coordinator Ronnie Moore on this event and we are all very excited about bringing it back to the Plaza.

Tidy Traveller

Betsy Bikle, ardent supporter of litter eradication throughout the world, had a hard time finding ANY litter in Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, Korea.

However, an errant piece of paper escaped from someone so that Betsy could say she had done a good deed on her travels there.

From Mill Valley to anywhere we roam, let’s do our part to remove litter from our environment.

Photo courtesy of Betsy Bikle

Welcome to
Adopt A Spot!

Some of our members have already adopted spots where they regularly pick up litter. We are seeing good results, but we need more hands! We are encouraging people to pitch in and adopt a section of a street in their neighborhood, an area of a favorite Step, Lane or Path, or an unsightly corner at a bus stop. We hope our combined efforts will help keep our town, its creeks, marshes and Bay clean.

If you have any questions or would like to pitch in and adopt a spot to clean up, please contact Jill at This will help us to coordinate our efforts and spread the word about Adopt A Spot!

Adopt A Spot logo design by Mary Osborn

Would you like to report litter on the highway? Click here to file a report!

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